Museum of national history in Galanta was established in the year 1969, it is regional memory organization, and from the year 2002 Trnava´s self – governing district is its founder.

In the meaning of founding document A99/003392 from 23.12.1998 issued by County council in Trnava there was established the museum as the contributory organization with the self – governing legal subjectivity. The managing authority and the authorities responsible for strategic control and view over the museums which have the primary responsibility to protect and promote the cultural inheritance just as human, material and financial sources provided for this purpose. The specialization of museum are the mills and the milling in the area of Little Danube and lower current of Váh. The technical activity of museum is divided into archeology, history, art history, ethnology and pedagogy of museum. Of the more than 20 thousand collecting fund there is a half of it with ethnographic character. The seat of the museum is the former bank in Galanta, in which the organization was moved from Neogothic castle in Galanta. In the last years the seat of museum was repaired till the present shape. At the same time thanks to a founder to provide financial means for technical equipments. According to a fact of modest space conditions except the main building of museum the parts of collecting fund are exhibited into 12 exhibitions.